/ Day

1545, the 100th.


yo lads whad up!

Its ya buoy xe, wanted to let you know this:
Dad was here the entire week. Much rather, lets just say that the fortnight was consumed, yet it was a joyous aftermath, for the only fear $i persisted within ceased to interfere with my brainwaves. Well, there is no other thing $i dare not to loose IRL, tbh.
That aside, we'd part yet again, once again, just to unite in time contingent, the time yet to arrive, and re:stall my course of A to its optimal knob-barrd levels: That is to say: that watch-only, mo fucks mode.
Getting back to why we initiated this piece of text in a paid bitcoin block (~$10.4): Last night the debt clock hit Zero-point-One-FIVE $usd, Quadrillion(s). `That is, the numerical fifteen followed by 15 oHo's, see: #watericd.
Also, as an announcement to you, mi readerx, $IGG had sunk to lower lows of 0.o28, though

$i didn't own any of that Gold;

What I see here is not the run-off off of the stad '47 but the diminishing pIxEls in the render of Volume of Trade on its bosom, which as our beloved Elliot would put@, WAVE#03, though its just the first of its kind keeping in mind the lately seen astronomical exchange quants.
What this can also be seen as is a budding "higher-lows-and-lower-lows" on uptrending bear but since the volume from past is so miniscule it is almost impractical to try and even notice what had transpired writhing the Intergalacting realm earlier this Quarter. Naeem is a great guy, and $i really appreciate that man for his dedication: A well de:swerving CEO on the rock system of this Gaming ( #eSports ) industry.
What the volume was was IRL among some hunderd thousands to a few millions in token:native::T, to the now ubiq --never-under-million, --probably-poly-mmT order(y).
What was our b doing? Reaching a Trillion $, daily stoked volume.
No, ll, jk, its really at 50 bills since 5 days!Please note it wasn't even 5b for the entire market a week ago, let alone a mere single b-f intercourse.
Eicher way, either route!
Mr. Chummy meanwhile was increasing its shareholder#($).
We were again afloat the o.111Trillion 'Maeriycan Doll-arse mark.
This volume and momenta was buidling, and anyone who had distribution/balance of PoWer on their charts all this while could see the incremental velocity!
(In part, LAW:VicBec had warned us about being spoofed in.)
I'm almost trusting her(r) on this one maybe cause I'm seeing in front of my eyes.
Current levels, say there is some 3681 ID-Rups in my b-account for remaining fee settlements (It has to be paid in b, for the herculectic leverage of x500 that she provides me.)

The mains()

You ask?

Yes, it is heading upstairs, but if you're not colorblind, please note the split ends in this magicians hair as of today, I am not as beautiful as the witchess orderbook off of the rogue relays seeded sans untorrc.
If you see this maniac bipolar division of faith in our little 10 year old magician, you will instantly see why it could be seen as he was headed towards resistance!
Its true to tell that it'll soar through, but without a tumble? xe thinks !this decade!
See however much it moves up, there will always be those who had bought that lower end and were now in the take-cherry phase of their courtship.
What tells you on God's green earth that these satin-tied wolfies won't pop his maghood one-more-time? Yep, there's nothing stopping them. They've technically already paid for this "das" of theirs' and its upon their sole discretion to whet-her chop open the hencock wizard.

What $i see?

32-38-36, s(he) would look so hot!
All these midgets would buy-in gain, again off of them holly-season savings y gifts y fia!
It, tbh is exactly like the force pump of last year, just that this time there are a few dzen million more "believers" than the last time, it remains still a future even t in the cosmic calender to test their actual IRL allegience.

What am I implying:


Hot daym, aint' he?
That's much more like "would-be" though that's what I really think!

And when ($)he's a teenager, a real ##REBEL, xe thinks thats when the greenwick will erect.

$i believe in the 20-23 horizon.

You do? Maybe you don't! Who can tell, lmao, not-even-you!

Other note:

No clue why I'm behaving as if a Tokyo denizen, by buying this Toy-ota, bat daym, its my honne's calling and xe cannot deny that system.call, ykr.
The japaneese took from '84 to '06, like 22 filthy fucking years to recover. You know exactly what happened when that short man IRL stood up on his then-toddler feet:

Lehmann Brothers

Let me tell you a superstition:

The tale of Laos--

Since the year has come to pole, the LAK|USDT has only weakened Kips, and strengthened 'muricans,


There's is subtle detail everybody reflects off of their irii' every f time:
The BB is closing in from the top, and if you've been around the Sun a few times, you know that it only is about the time: the time to the next pole position (or pivot$, as the commerce figs (you) know it (here) as.).
It has never touched its lower bound ever in the past 365.oo, and that's a sign of strength, El vires!
It might not be Gold, but yeah, it pure af.
It sounds, superstitious, it is meant to, well, very.
That is the cross I'm waiting for: The zordmechanic formation:
When these (sorry) fourth-world counties are at par pro rata to the New World Order.

I think there is time, a lot of it, though honestly put, we don't have time.

As I type this, I've plunged from my yearly high of +8421% to some +4200%.
Yep, ikr, very fugue, very wows, much glee, many $doge.


The Butts

A big B>U>T>!

What if I'm wrong?

I tell you a secret here: IRL I'm not running this shitshow as a hedgefund:


I'm not looking at mere bills of trills.



A 50% +1,


The market is worh a tithe Trillion.
I myself am around a tithe of sats sly.
My 33 teETHs have (sadly) been plaqued.
I'm grateful these are just bacterii and not f horses, lol
We'll wipe em out once the Queen has a traditional Tooth-ache that she always has to have in menace periodicals.
If you were looking for my digits, then, yeah, there were 36 @ usdt 987. It is hardly $78(89) apiece now (sick).
But our rusCan Queen (Princess, hihihi) - I'm tremendouly grateful to her Crown, for it hath taught me everything it did, which is beyond the 26 cased glyphs' scopus.


We're at the gates of the Kingdom of Solace.
There is a ridge between us.
There are crocs inside.
You are hot-blooded.
I'm cool, lol yk.
$i; Luser.


I OWN 0.00000001* PER CENT

.of all that this riot reigns with.

Funny Fact Finishing:

It's not me who owns(hodls) all that money, its my children!
And $i have 52 kids bae, fetch milk while return($home);



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