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It were a greatr wee (k) to fathom the capacitance..


was a personal 610G, drafted for itsn1x.github.io.zzpraf1n1x42af.onion/ineverhadabloghere/d/A/y/8301 : which, then ended up being here for I were not at home, and the horrid weather @Ve had brought down my web(RP)server.
It had only powered down, and some PIDs might have exited unclean.
A11 xE had to do was to run a fsck with root elevation.
That's it.
The 18Watt be/a/$7 twinkles again.

Day 8314

If you guessed this was not the title of the log, kudos!
So again: What exactly was this article?

Memories in cold decay

Far from the world of You and I:

I came across the lit Green Elephant.
(No, not the Carls' mammoth!)

E - ver No. 73

Skimmed past, reluctantly, I admit.
Proud to announce, in Big and Part, a lot hathxe accompliced.

es accomplice$0.i

Bitcoin and her Girlfriends

After the party(sunrise=\O.0.O/=), I happened to walk away from tracking the derivaT.E.S. on my (A11')$, and had intuitively 10cked everybody off-Edge.

New Heights

The $BTC surged past 13373 and even my merely-meek-month old targets for the Chineese JS adaptation were met.
Turns out, its not just Endians crashing Gates of Deci.

hgd too had a newer release!

Despite looking clunkier, the newer iteration works with IE11+ and IceWeasel2(xPX-5,8) and is available here for tarballing or/to zip.
The 9xO dubbed their latest package Candi Date :›‹:

50me people short xRP 47 through 41.7

es. Y

& the Waether's real good


28 million peace(s) are the explicit property of E:›‹: Group of Holdings, Nicobar, India.

73 's



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