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Day № ((|))MMMCCXLVI

All systems are (still) operational.
I do not really know why we do a11 but yeah, it saves łives.


H0Vv² lose lead :: 57339

that is the only way to lag.
I sleep. XpX does too.
briskly glad that nb doesnt,
saves the day/hour/eon

Now, moe than ever

People are pouring in on the internet for lullz.
Okay, a good thing, but this is seen as a correction-phase-entry sympto,/syn: Dr. 0 (me)

This even calls for further pro bono adver. budgeting by us.
Hope they succumb.

Or do they?

Nevermind, the inconsistencies

They breed sense.

Peace (10G)

Somewhere about 2*pi milllion units (uint_, only)

Sounds great?

Yeah, whatever.

the key concept I'd Łove to shove down neurons is aboŬt perpetuity.

a.k.a., cALMNeSs

Current levels are really impressive if you know the contextual, historical significance of its decor and voce.

Never Surrender, for example ↓

Via ¶=cURL$

A N D ←

maybe ¬everybody deserved to learn about ׳ and #zzP·

but sure aF iff someone digs, they'll not return voyd’d,

Why do I feel $0?
Because many a folk would anyhow ask/de·Test/mu·Tate their PoV y· conTextii apropos their self·State

$0 ?
Zero. none :: null.
It just boils down to the same tabloid on papyrus :


many fables

muchos fabius




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