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This time it will be a long post tracking Xe.

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LupX @biSq

It’s 15:02 on 8204th.

Getting windows.

Directory on mint. Shared to the former by samnba.

It’s 14:49 on 8204th.

This better stay an ative asset.
Basically 3 steps:

  • [ ] : Add asset class.
  • [ ] : Clear unit _Tests.
  • [ ] : Rebase and þÞ¶P.

That is:

    Step 1. Implement your asset
    Step 2. Register your asset
    Step 3. Write tests for your asset
    Step 4. Compile and test everything
    Step 5. Create a well-formed Git commit
    Step 6. Submit your pull request


It’s 14:29 on 8204th.

Instead of forking, I have cloned a local instance of the bisq-network/bisq monorepo.
Maybe will do this dry first.

Then simply reiterate it in master.

Its 14:09 on 8204th.

There is an apparent checklist.
It applies to any asset to be listed in as a paired offering. Enlisted as follows:

  • [ ] They will not list your token if it has taken part in an initial coin offering (ICO).
    ☑ : Satisfied.

  • [ ] The asset must have an official block explorer.
    ☑ : Satisfied.

  • [ ] The asset ticker symbol must not conflict with national currency tickers.
    ☑ : Satisfied.

  • [ ] The asset ticker symbol must not conflict with other asset ticker symbols.
    ☑ : Satisfied.

  • [ ] The asset must not impose additional technical requirements.
    ☑ : Satisfied.

  • [ ] Arbitrators must be able to look up transactions in the asset block explorer.
    ☑ : Satisfied.



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