Day № 8,229

idk where senorLupe went but he's in there somewhere amid my synapsii

Couldn't thank him more as he was the one to push Xe into the eTH spACE
It was apparently KeVvocki that led me into the mainnet for the first time, it was the march of Spring mmxviii, and i had never been more elated than when I \earned\ that eth for lit.contrib to the main metaMask eXT repository.

But hodløø

thyat weren't the main r4z fur de pOST del XE

Look whos back at it!

lol no I am not
:: writing this to propell some MXM or \\\MxM3 ^vapeWave$.

I am here to show you the reality of BA™-chic ::

Shes up 109% m-o-m (at the time I knacked this)

$&0ħ! CHE-ehtozz orange-balley lulz is upstairs by some 159% m/o/m
day-over-day, Dear CZ$bNb is overtly spawning <15% of the volume, though it is some ~3bb

uodate: 1554299970970979149

kinda known none readE my bon-bones
no nobody no known 

Some heroes don't have a face




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