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Day 8,201

Is it open or do you take crypto?

mer., 6 mars

$whoAmI s not the right first command.

00 ~ $ whereis $whoami
whereis: not enough arguments
Try 'whereis --help' for more information.

This was some rad discovery in itself.

Multi-ordinality is incessant. Timeless.
Serial communication, isn't, $I.am af[ra]id·

To know oneself, is ¹thing, ²to, some ¹thing else:
Eight 43 million. initiated.

¶.back is: 30mm¶.
Its not this number that $I am elated of.
It is indeed the timelength it last me.
This shows resistance;
for there were no breakthroughs. Nor any ¹²spacejumps.

løl, still remember the time when it waws hardly some million¶$.
!Be?:Łie::Ve ··· easy to say.

Hardly done.
200: 'done'

This came as some surprise.
It's always welcome ( :

Apropos byme NETWORK

From the eMail...

However, maybe, we might setup a fundrayser here \interrobang\
→→  →→ 2by.me/buy2byme

Our readers aren't lowqeys, but despise illicy. $I will have to take further care.

Upon m.ø

It's prołły time that we get back to keeping the official in tune, i¯mean, just-in jit-tune.

pun -0.0833¯% in:Ten.d::ed

As we move ahead, and as my babies grow in number, its going to be कठिन to monitor.
$I. Must.

Day8201 :: Happyday Knight



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