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Day#8045 : Beginning to write this honestly

$i see this pattern and feel like knowing it already must mean some signal tbh

Ask 0.0000
Bid 0.0001

Fascinating much?

So basically this guy had the idea to manufacture soft wall hangings and furniture to the tune of 0.08Tn$.
He comes out public, and says, with a cute, innocent grin,

If there were a way, I'd sureioussly do it.

We all heard him say. For days to come, we all reiterated amongst hallucinations, group twilight lays, bear breaks, all this while, it were somewhere omnipresent in the back of each one's core cortex.

But now, $i understood the joke.

It's on you.



Encountering it:

+XBT 29971.1;
[+129%, s-o-s]

"Quick." --&-- D.I.R.T.Y.

See tits




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