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Day#8048 : The universe owes me, now.

After tasting glory @3.01x arb, $i felt like time was rushing apart faster.
Ofcourse, it only felt such.
Relative time, was coined bad time for the first time today (2) by me.
Good time, on the contra, would be a pessimistic miser's deal.
She wouldn't even feel the wrath as such, but succumb nevertheless.
It's by virtue of this balancing nature, that we owe ourselves.
Now, many a folk would arg for a 0-sigma rollie, but trust me, its not.

Its not a Zero, kame - It is NEGATIVE (-ve), in time.
But how might one factor the imaginary?
Buckingham's aproach to nothingness really appealed to my curiosity.
Are there noble groups of crystals that morph their stimuli to mimic them?
Is there a quantity that is deterministic, by nature, on Earth?
Probably not, evrything chaotic isn't. Stochastic, duhh, quantized? Nah,
Then what? Fuzzy?
Nope, not even that. $i've pronounced formerly the terminology, abstractly.


Audacity -to question unbased, biased assumption.

The normalization of all coherent stigma into temporal illusions.
That is the driver.
She shall guide her spellor.

मृत्योर मा अमृतम् गमय |

To belong is your right. To long it, your left summit.




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