day7993 - A tale of 3 perils

Today, while walking down the loan, $i realized we hadn't already settled older amounts of kinship!

Markets currently cummulatticely weigh at US$ 0.233 Trillion

Its okay, I had predicted this thing.
Think of a newcomer, who sees this chart for the first time in his life. He never ever no-evvver could fathom all that that has gone down with its specks.
Yeah, sure the boys would go bitconneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeccctttt on that one, but how many of you would actually remember the sick thing? Like the tether wailing 8.6% for 1 & a 1/2 hours, and some major alternate >cash coins pumping like soda-can rockets, to the sad day when some sad soul tried to attack our dear John, McA! Or did you dare and irl forget when the ada a.k.a. Cardano drudged into the top 500. The next day it was in top 50. The day after? Top 5. (Thoughthatsaseparatestoryofitsfall)

What $i mean to only say is that if you had planned for this, do stick to your plan($).
Iff not, conjure one up quickly, because, if you don't, lets face it, nothing actually gaf, or would even move a micrometer, iff you took any step, an action or anything realistically magical.

Sorry, $i mean, $gfy

And now if Sirs are FINISHED: 200 - OK, I'd tell you this:

If you do nothing, nothinig happens that you can ascribe to your own actions.


If you do something, nothinig happens that you CAN NOT ascribe to your own reactions.

Other things aside, I was recruiting for the Mozilla CC program, and really felt nice reminiscising how much $i actually grew in the past years!
Real dope, I've been lmao

Stay safe and crack a safe!


circa. 0x0000

~ N1X

++<3 && xx