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The EPUB format is implemented as an archive file consisting of HTML files carrying the content, along with images and other supporting files.

This shan’t be tough, right?


but then it was NOT t-o-u-g-h to keep doing this the old way, like on the *42af*.. right?

It is not tough. For me, it never could've been, for its documented intension’ would never falter my zeal to kŭnquest therein.


it were easier. And prettier too!

But then writing an extra *.css file everytime $i wrote a plaid hyperfile for my log started moxking me in its own right! I had never let myself use the funcky ^+b/i/u/et. al. at all!
Markdown was different but no different than plaid hyperfiles, beg ya par, hyperfile_ (¬|¬) 2 files.

Getting to the rim:


Why this poster?

Becc I've the production ver.shion of the dreary r.lst ready to hit upstream relæ. SE™ ( SE ~ Security Enhanced )


XVii· m a r s ·MMXiX ## @ ~ : Luser_Xe$.cust0m.$©$$(\\*


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