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Day № 8228 | Monsieur HUnet0®

idk wtf is up or lo but I'ma race this thing down anyways.

So. it began with me peekin a look at the #2604 on e*.b*.n*/bounty/2604 and thereby revisting the good ol network. At the time of my print, it read Forty as the bunCount.
Shreiks of $% or so but as y'all know, it is for the dopamine not the æther herself, though meth is +nice aIways, łłmaø.

So, first we'll kill the .034 -One na then something greater or more enticing of my time.

Earlier this day (##8228), iGram ate up (like literally!) 4-to-5 of my precious hourlies.


Anyways, lets eat something and get roasting.

May the forces be on Xe.

Schema for updates :

If you scroll below, like aIways, g00dn355 67355 thou s0u7$



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