re: Fees on byme NETWORK

Fee Schema at the %%byme%% Network

This piece of information, meta , describes the fee schemas.

Readers are gently advised to revisit this weblocation frequently to stay up to date with the Company terms.

Introducing the byme[NETWORK]

\★ All registrations are free upto 24th January, 1 AM, GMT, 2O19.
\★ There are currently registrations possible only via direct mail.

For campaigners and sponsors

[SPONSORED SPACE] Write to ... an eMail to place a 280char, base256 advert. Current fee 0.0001920 $XLM/hr.

  • 280 chars : fits in any tweet
  • base 256 : allowsfor ASCII♪ full-support.

Can be paid in any FIAT or COIN, but not via any payment processor like VISA. We may accept giftcards but not fake liquidity providers like AliPay or the like. I appreciate their hardwork, though.

Joining as an Author (Independent User)

Each person on the $BYME Network can be referenced by meta-search engines, automagically yet semantically using the /author/{person}/ endpoint of the API at the home (root) of Two, by me. internet homepage.
The ref. point for community membership holders is heard at ://{community}.*.* respectively.
It's vital to remrk the public scope of the AP interface.

  • Joining Fee
    An initial welcome tip has been currently set at 6 XLM or 72 TRX, each hour, whichever is lower. Approximately at $USDT 0.15$ during the innaugral offer; O.02 doll art post promotion.

  • Hourly Fee
    The cummulative hourly fee can be interprted as hours_num multiplied by 0 . 0006 XLM or 0.0072 TRX. Approximately at $USDT 0.001 uring the innaugral offer; 2-tenth of the cent post promotion.

  • Annual Fee
    All members are subject to an annual membership fee O.12 XLM or 1.5 TRX, whichever is lower for the member. Approximately at $USDT 3 during the innaugral offer; o.o6 doll art sans promotion.

Sample study

Consider a user on a regular non-promotional offer. They get lots of posts and media online through their webpresence via their byme Network meta for say, 730 days (2 yrs.), and pay a total of Lumens or Tronix over the entire 104 weeks.


Joining Fee
  • 0.6 XLM or 7 TRX
    This is a one-time fee.
    Estimate: O.1$
Hourly Fee
  • 0.0006 XLM or 0.0072 TRX per hour.
Period In XLM In TRX(Tethered)
Hourly 0.00060000 0.00720000
Daily 0.01440000 0.01728
Weekly 0.10080000 0.12096
Monthly 0.30240 0.362880
Quarterly 15.7248 1.886976
Total 126.14 15.1373(0.3784)

Estimate: $O.38

Annual Fee
  • 2 XLM or 15 TRX
    Estimate: O.3$
Projected amount of investment

Approximately, .1x(1$+38$+3$) is O.42$.

Important consideration

Since all the rates of fee are defined in cryptocurrencies, expect the cost to stay constant in the virtual currency.


Scarcity -- namely, the ::FIXED:: attribute of these digital stores of value. It is what causes us to pour belief into them.

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page view description eg::itsN1X eg::8049 search go.

Case Study

Either way, if bitcoin reaches a 1ooK or some $50, the byme Network is dedicated and firmly rooted to keep the prices affixed. In case of upswings, the longer the prepaid, the cheaper is thy investment into the byme Network for an equivalent oppurtunity.
And if, may the God forbid, if he be, the kripto markets crash and burn, in that nightmare scenario, you know how to put those bottle caps and seashells to work -- By investing the-then useless coins into the Two, by me. Network and extract leads, conversions and success for your endeavor here.


We also lay complete faith unto the underwritten clause :

Equity, is, the highest form of equality.