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Getting rebooted finally, @ theVwiyard

Starting with a roundup—

Markets are doing fine, they're atleast not burning themselves. We're glad.

About xPX

Boys are getting hardware upgrades, and I'm getting myself a new phone/console/keyboarD/powerless hybrid device, just haven't figured out who or what'd it be.
I've leased for the rest of Q4, the aws↑ from sshk13, she's really sweet!

Renting out services online to users of power

Over the past years, I've had the army at my own behest, my own word, my command.

Maybe it's time?

Time for all of us to taste the fury of the #xPx.

Maybe. Xe shall see.

Also, happy btcday, to all, yeaH

Apropos monkey

IG has voted a 'yes' for Proposal 14  - reasons being:

1)Token names already taken are preventing serious players from joining the network
2) Passing this proposal it allows for all token names to be duplicated and used for official business use cases, not just copy cats. 
It also and importantly puts the emphasis on recognising tokens by 'unique ID', not by the abreviation, this allows and puts motivation for necessary and overdue upgrades to current API's to recognise 'verified' token ID's. 
3) API/wallet upgrades will be required to be put in place to recognise all tokens - TRC10 and 20 which is timely for our TRC20 conversion. 
4) proposal 14 - end user options and inpact are at the forefront of all SR discussions and is being addressed immediately by tron and SR's.

ni wtf seriously!??!?



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