$i came back to Le Level 8|)

Times are a toughness.
Bank' is a rougueness.

My filthy Xanadu continues to expand and implode at the same very time, in a spiralling outward digitally encrypted binary wallet keyring.

Yes, none of this makes sense.

this is one o those [ANN] posts where luser itsN1X dictates to the c_space that he returned to this milky way galaxy in uno piece, establized as a $DAI, but now furher more ferocious.


A throwback to the last month in my c_space

As you must've noticed, we looped below 0.2 Trillion again.
Not bad. Indeed interesting! Very yum - much wOw!
$BTCP has rallied to 4,50 and lo - behold !

$i have a FAT bag now. Really believe in the rebase pump, genuinely!

Cheers to highlife and insanity. May chaos reign rule.


~luser N1X

a/k/a @itsN1X