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iC on:SE nS-US


What$ this? Rick y


Lets re:anna::lyse

So, $ICX is an 'ol time fag.


A total of 14 IRC2 Token Contract(s) found.


With verified source codes only;
A total of 42 verified contract source code(s) found.

Are you kidding Xe?

But wait-for-it : easter bunnies5 in:bound::5

Dormant account
» The account that does

  • not make any transaction and
  • maintains its balance below a certain level
  • for a certain period
    will be considered as Dormant account and
  • excluded from I_score calculation.

Wha [!$] this poSt, Xe?

Them rich koir5

The 9,999th richest account

: holds around 33k pucks or U$d half.

Another subtle thing to note would be that the least richlisted dudette is the hhighest transacting peer this week, or even fortnight, since that's the max I've been following $iCX this closely, though.

So? You ask, $I.am glad.

This might as well reflect the fact that there are no more than 10^10 active brains and 'Trust' is not among their dominant trait5.


Essentially ::

All of the (most) paricipants in iCO-N, are one or the same entity, iff, not, some curated fraternity, imho.

Is this*, then, weakly ah! NEtwORk?

Maybe, but there have been thriving, even worse.

Bahh.. $i (Vve) thought it were about Consensus in USA..

Brace for the fine print!
through interlocking the BTP transfer protocol with Nexus and Portal,
smart contracts from other blockchains can be executed indirectly and their outcomes may be usable.


These facts can not be discarded, though we're infantile.
Number of PrEP's : 7 [The P - Reps. ] (public representatives)
Number of CrEP's : 40 [The C - Reps. ] (Consensus representatives)

How do you stake?

ICON hasn't released technical details on how to stake (e.g. wallet integration, online dashboard, etc.)
Tue, 8 Jan, 2019 at 10:44 AM


Solution home :: (FAQ) IISS Paper

Issuance - ICX and I-Score
Modified on: Wed, 6 Feb, 2019 at 6:48 AM

A specific amount of ICX and I-Score are issued every time a representative produces a block. The ICX is then deposited into the Public Treasury. At the same time, I-Score is distributed to ICONists based on their contribution to the ICON Network. ICONists can claim I-Scores in the form of ICX from the Public Treasury at any time.



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