wanted to let you you about the Intergalactic happenings as lately we had a 20% dip that nobody seems to be afazed of.

As of the initoal happening, we were trading out 50 for one and partying like mad hounds.
Slowly after, señor NS announced that the prices were heading downtown. People, yet again misunderstood and it it lead to a mass sellout, chaos. He had mean the prices of the native plat, lmao

Nevermind, within a few hours in October that evening things were back on track and now people were handed 40-42 IGGs, that like .o2→+25%  =o.O25.
Those were the humble beginnings, how slowly, yet gradually had the community been affluenced into buying into costlier IGG. Trades had been automated at the IGGE.
The principle pivot of this progress, you ask? It's the consistency in engagement —over the last entirety of a year or so. They've all been there, all this whole time. That is precisely what led to the .o2 grow into a .o55 Tronix over this whole course of period. I commend this team for their personal efforts.

But now, unfortunately, were seeing a .o4— and guess you already guessed it: Hounds@party




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