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On a reyside |Day8123

Someone just sold 250mm of rays in the last 420 secs!
-50% mc for $RT
-44% for every share
-If any sharehodler had had hath, its @0.000618 rn, jump from the 3rd floor please.

And th3r3's th1s g4y


He$ in the tuple army, lmao but his words are anti-poisson poison-slayer artifacts, and I'm wise enough to treasure them.


Trading is not for everyone.

There are a lot of things to observe, analyze, take-decion's, as per the market dictates.

--Long-term memeory of (off) price action.

Including Support and Resistance;

Big investors' psychology- how they behave.


If trading was that simple, as input=aloo | output=Au, then 95% of people would make money (appreciate) easily.

In order for 5% people to gain, those 95% have to lose and make losses.

It is upto you all to decide where you want to be.

It may take 3 weeks / 3 months / 3 years.

Those 5% people take very big risks;

Willing to lose entire capital.

"So, this ##IS about trading."

Crypto$ ##ARE a step ahead.



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