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outside the top20

Today, at a glance:

Worth = $144000000000.000000000000000000

Thats a billion with nine O;s and a tenth quint, with a 18 decs.

I'd like to show you my yearly candles ever hence.
But first, let me take a selfie.


Now the thing is, at 52.42% dominance and 53.24% of capitalization, well what $i see here is the money moving out of old established alts into the Kings-phere here. Its basically consolidation into THE og SoV, $bitcoin, by the early adopters of the wretched alt mimes. Also, I'd love to draw youe notice towards the descending triangle, most of you must've known it by gnow.
The thing to observe there is last crash we had ~$360b --> ~$266b plummey, afair, and there were >101 assets worth more than the $o.1b mark. Today, only 49 remain. Only 10 Billionaires exist.

So, 1/2 to 1/2 should give 1/4 to 16th right?

On the ICO busts'

Stopping / prohibitive clouds over offerings-for-kind reigned supreme, yet the raw number of these midgets kept sprillaing, yes, in THE outwardly fashion, precisely.

Today, again.

As $i had previously remarked here, as of press, these are the stats:

Chain~ Native$ Habitat$ Regiments#min rt5ot
Ether $12 000 000 000 $10 000 000 000 1000 ERCXXXs 220 000 ERContracts
OMNI $96 000 000 000 $10 000 000 000 1000 1000
Moon $4 000 000 000 $10 000 000 000 1000 1000
EOS $2 000 000 000 $10 000 000 000 1000 1000
troNIX $1 000 000 000 $10 000 000 000 1000 1000
RIPx $4 000 000 000 $10 000 000 000 1000 1000


^ 1

Let’s take a page from the financial analog. The entire current global asset structure starts with gold. Gold is the first decentralized form of money because it is not issued or controlled by a central authority. Moreover, it does not have counter-party risk. We have agreed on its price, based on its scarcity, which has held for millennia. From gold, countries manage their fiat money supplies through their central banks. In the past, the amount of gold a country owned affected how much of its currency supply could be printed. From the formation of currency, a government creates bonds which include an interest rate. Moreover, commodities are priced and other fixed income (bonds) are created to produce a return on capital in the financial market. Equity can be created as a security, after pricing resources (commodities) and calculating interest rates and risk. While gold is classified as a commodity (for legal and other reasons), it’s treated as both a commodity and a currency. It has special properties which convince asset allocators and investors that gold is an asset class of its own. I agree. The same is true for the reserve crypto assets.

^ 2

This our richboy#36, moving their coins, and sins.
As you may as well see, they almost kissed a billion dollar, and when they smelled burning rubber at the burning man, they choked the gezzer overt on his own smokes!




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