Moviing back to ~home~ aeerhgghhhh..$fiAt.

Yes you read that right!

Why buy the native land off virtual monies?

- 1 : You get stability.
- 2 : You get liquidity.
- 3 : You get time. (Cycles, iff annual, allow it a thought.)
- 4 : Deflation. (Inflation, lol, iff you're white.)

Currently it is being sold 38.95 cents at pirce,

$i bet its going to fall.

It will close in to 42.01 c a piece.

Update @ 1541762437

Then, what took place:

$i sold 18% as a test and sat to eat my foo that me just cooked, pink, crusty, w. chill e.

Update @ 1541768713

Basically $i played a prank sentsie .. work in progress..

Update @ 1541769131

O,5x : p0ured in.