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JC's 'X' has a 10m@ #260-#340.

Frugal mxch?

Reconsiderations —kick off!

yes i know none of what i say makes sense but then you know right, i di this, on purpose, precisely?
hope thou doth.

What again?

  • Dailies at 8G$
  • DOM @ 55%
  • ruscan ‡ o.o27S
  • ppay is looking good though stuck@/117
  • entirety, O•135 T$

I'm almost here at 13k TXTO (core-fullnode)!

Say, Scrypt/Keccak is modded to provide
$xyz > lo(1,inv(2**$xyz))
as the diffretarget driver,
one may easily portray a future embarked unto Annihilation, if not death-by-fear-of-chaos, for such morbid deflationary monetary policy ftw awa is kinda self.$gfy invocation tbh..

So, you got something?

prolly nut, but I'll shut the door behind me.

I've always been the best at that, at par value, unlike our geezers here.

You? President?

nope fam, 'tis byme, for me and Off of Off V.

Wut ¿¿?

Ask that bling babe, ask that buff buy, What % THEY represent.
Ask these knoeos—Gods:

And you'll see. Watch their eyesocks.


A basis point, you may pretty-facetedly assume with [add] bath salts.

Speaking of which, $SLT:: ↑64.5%, still riding.

{{{ P&D }}} DON'T FUCK.

Precautionary, overt, humble plea: R—T—F—M.



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