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Trying to talk in third person.
Telling the reader about 2D projections.
Table of contents:

  • Introduction
  • The two Endies
  • TBA::?



The two Endies

Consumables. And non—consumables.
These two necessarily aren't visible, have any explicit speak or appeal. Though the former can only decompose in moles measured, and the latter always upholds it's last assigned hooks. It may aswell be inflationary —deflationary: or this.
Accumulation of all requisite resources is essential, though their utility of contingent.
Such circumstances let traveler's conscience emancipate rhetoric verses into their subconsciousness.

Visions of Future Past

In effort to define iotas, one may consider the following approach, namely that is, lrediworsification —the interpretation about which presumed readers duty.

The Artistes

To overtly describe our duo campii first, we pronounce Deterioratents the former House.
The so-called hodlerents are thereafter, modernly even portable as such.

Camp 0x000000

This fraternity, composed of prepaid and postpaid, is very intuitive, yet very uncommon in reality in add much.


The most common discourse in older times, the cash, the fiat or the ruep.

  • Paid, at the time out transee.
  • No credit (only immediate, instantaneous)
  • Instantaneous Debit (peer-to-peer)
  • Physical Time
  • Unaffixed Trustlines
  • Physical Distance sink



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