So, how many?

As of today,

The 8th of Novembre, 2k18:

There are zillions of micro-parties, and exa-zillions of the minions they embark unto the flea.

Most notably, the OMNI protocol.
It had a hundred odd assets running atop it:
/0 was the bibitcoin, you might have guessed that right.
Then there was the great gtsby, our beloved New-Non Yorkie Tether.
That was about all, and there were those xXx factions, like always like, they've been.

In 2015

Some simili demaneured Rusocan hit the --release pod.
Today, there are like, wait, 138,534 germs of first order breeding off him.

, here.

Then there are assets. Stellarly yuge fat-a$$ets.

There are 4,055/- '"Properties"' on the moon.

&& $I am the creator of 3 of these.


And now, apparently there is a new dude in the c_spAce!


And they have fiery hairz!
& 219 contracts over 1,304 Smarty-pants.

To put all in a clean perspective:

  • Vanilla means testnet structs.
  • Brew refers to active Smart Contracts on the mainnet (current).
  • Stead is simply the log --base=$rank --arg=capusd of the network on stage.



For example:

The home$ For a \0 $OMNI object is approximates as follows:

=log([1,1.0],[125+12)E+09 (1/0)

logger chain stamp vanilla brew home$
0x00 The OMNI Protocol 1.9,9 405 415 infty
0x01 Metropolis#1208021 1197 days ago (Jul-30-2015 03:26:13 PM +UTC) >10k >135k 34.46
0x0A la Luna 30 Sep 2015 16:46:54 UTC >10k >4k 12.42
0xA1 TronixVM Recently >1k >1k 8.86
0xEE Overall cmc@8084 >1k >2k 3.41
0x1E Overview Xcc@8084 >1k >2k 2.89
0xAE Overtle$ cXc@8084 >100k >250k 2.11