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Worth (Market Capitalization) of Tronix Assets (TRC), namely Tokens.

As of now, there are around a Thousand and 618 tokens 'live' on the mainnet of trongrid.io.
We have assumed only the top 84 in our calculations.

The grand list off worthy 1,024 (E-08).

The few "types" of indulging entities:
Note: I want you to think this way - In a few epochs, we'll be worth a 100b, are now at 150b though. After few more eons, we'll be surely at 1T, though I'm weary of naming the tops, maybe they didn't even take b yet!

  1. SRCs - The candidates.
  2. Betting - Entertainment.
    1. Betting - mApp providers.
    2. Betting - xApp providers.
    3. Betting - dApp providers.
  3. Gaming -
    1. eSports
    2. mApp(s)
    3. xApp(s)
    4. dApp(s)
  4. Utility - Enablers
    0. the likes of ..
    1. Robominer
    2. TRX Loot
    3. RESPECT
    4. Platinum/Elite
  5. Speculation - well, .. betting.
    0. examples include but aren't limited to:
    1. TronGOLD
    2. Tithe
    3. TronBitcoin

Current Entitie$ with a minimal viable, citable product (MVP) or atleast some testnet:

This list sums up the big PLAYERS of the Tronix ecosystem. They include .. (fraternities):
Please Note: Now, there are supposed to be only 2001 nodes that do actually count towards being a player here, but guess they dont worry, just bin Salman is one who worries. Good for him as he shall prosper from hardwork. Others, if they stay still and move no limbs, shall sucumb to the hearths of their argotic limbos, while AbS rollsover in Lambos'. Bystanders will be bygones, won't even be able catch our dusts.

  1. Sesameseed
  2. Intergalactic Gold (V. not to be confused with the $IGG, 'gaming gold' token.)
  3. Tarquin printers' group
  4. TWM/TWX/TMW/FUD/Telegram
  5. ZA
  6. BitGuild (They went to etherschool.)
  7. Stalelion Sun
  8. The 50,000 frenchmen (Jackers)
  9. Voters - Them.masses


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