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## What I aspire to achieve toett: The logging of my energy consumption over my lifespan. I'd like to measure the amount in grains of Gold.


Some constants:

1 Joule each Second is a Watt.
Toett, each 1000 Watt-hour costs around 666 paise, OR $o.1.

Major sources:

Electricity meter at the SFHSx0 would be audited each million seconds. Each spent unit would be normalized into Kilo(1,000) Watt(Joules/sec.) Hour(3600 Seconds), i.e., a kWh.

Minor Sources:

Battery packs' cycle frequency integrated over its optimal capacity.


Non-repleneshing sources:

  1. Public-domain energy (Post-Paid)
  • It is charged by the state to disburse en masses.
    Currently, an hour-worth of a 1000 Watts can cost you anywhere from $0.05 to $.2.
  1. Pre-packaged energy (Pre-Paid)
  • It is currently sold by Inverter dealers.
    Can cost around $50-$100 for a 1/2u battery-pack. Replacing it refunds ~75-85%$.


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