/ Elon

US - ANd tH3m.

Them Luminiscent bots' luminiscencia - #Day8041

First of all, meet the cast!

I've recently met 3 of them.

The Vaders' bot

The @GoSeeditBot of Tronix - Forged by @Rovak bruh. Dark. Dank. Dire.

Yellstart bot

An old, healing fruit, @PapayaBot.

The Traveltori bot

Its Indoean. Called @TravelBot colloqially. Glitches are past.

The who's who of this file-let:

The Tronix' was a pleasant experience, until lately.
They screwed bigtime, and on a Thursday. Intentional ?

Maybe, but involutarily. "Maybe".

The Champione

Still, after the leaderboard debacle, Queen is still #3.
ALTOGETHER, the other plebia has served well our beloved 64th Queen.
Honorary mention to the guy who had a ++2.2Mn %, GREEN!

The Attic Drawer

Escrow - A singular mnemonic.

Papaya Bot

Living low, she is free atm...
Last attributed residence was at GBR3RS2Z2...PRUANUASANG2L.

  • Has a 0.00001 XLM fee per transfer, the usuals.
  • Can store multiple standard protocols
  • This approach is older than them pyramids.

Midtown Rattle Snek

The SesameStreet was an ugly show.
Cryptography is ugly, a show too.
Monsieur Rovak has made a decent 1.
SesameSEED, the org/foundation rules podium;
On the vivid Super Representative leaderboard.
All these Tronix SR's have one thing in common.

They suit up their own suites.

All in all, call it your girls' own, owned bank, at the very best.
!mothers', though.

El TravelBOT

Built with ++<3 from the south asian oceania, this one is a cute one!
Has a great future ahead if they keep their ears internal and not outside.
One of the most extensively detailed functional routines, better, >CANADA

And #@CK fund might be back sooner than anticipated.

With extra <3

Oh and we have another Mozilla gig coming up soon @vMozilla, see the news.

Bonus Throwback ')


Birthday x boldhold x bA$#
Day#8035climax 21.9% lol



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