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What is 2by.me?

As the name suggests, it is Two, by me.

Announcing www.2by.me

The Two, by me weblocation - a platform to each entity alike, to express their developments in an organised fashion, online.

The framework

The markdown engine behind the byme is jekyll to ease adoption, owing to its tremendous docs, and inline markup styling. Very 2O2Oish.
The recorder is a goliath based off hyperledger, very much current-fun.
The webserver and other BYME Network servers are home-stitched and very physical in real life. No cloud magic here, you know vapourX, right?

RSS feed and .json API

The posts or pages or any other objects residing in the byme ecosystem are frequently RAIDed and hence secure from downtime.
During beta phase, the Company will provide raw data in a Public API Endpoint.
After reaching an appropriate soft-cap, the backups would be stored with the Inter Planetary File System [IPFS] protocol specs and made available over https to \byme\ customers.

Mailing lists and subscriptions

The byme network also maintains an updated mailing list, and you can tailor precisely all your niches.

The tokenomics

The Company aspires to create a SoV (Store of Value) in a digital abstraction by hedging against a ubiquitous index composed of leading (First one million, weighted by market capitalization of current circulating supply.) cryptocurrency, DLTs or token present the-then day, and arbitraging to create a development reserve in a sound, worth safe for further endeavours in the 2by.me line.

Key players

The Company. TWO, BY ME.

The authors and creators

The readers, users and proponents

The advertisers, Third party and other enablers

Sharing of revenue

The Company (Two, by me <2by.me> [byme] [...]), shall report its annual financial statements on every third friday of february in public domain worldwide via numerous media channels. The shareholders are entitled to rewards, but inproportionately, from the annual rewards pool. The-then current byme currency holders may indulge in practices that are officialy recognized by the Company to increase or inflate their respective share in rewards.

Fees and payments

The Company (inclusive of all its directors, servers, men and machines, virtual and physical, assets, tokens and properties) shall resort stricly to the use of DLTs in dealing with matters of value flow.

Application requests

  1. CREATE Authorship
  2. CREATE Advertise'
  3. POST Contente


Each request will (Currently, manual.) be required to be digitally embedded in any supported digital ledger of sound value and be signed (co-signed) by the requester.

Generation of payee object

Depemding upon the domain, the byme bckend will generate a payment memo, a payment ID, an invoice #, a PoS demarkation point, etc. on-demand and for one-time use. Any funds stored as such would be subject to the aforementioned hedging fund.
Remarkably, the hedge promises to turn a green return, and which in-turn, is promised by the Company (Two. by me.) to be redistributed among the-then stakeholders of byme.

Initial offerings

[SPONSORED SPACE] base64 classifieds\ section

  • The offer#0xfff Sponsored Space at the byme .~www.2by.me homepage.
  • The offer#0xffe Sponsored Space at the <.~author> homepage.
  • The offer#0xffd Sponsored Space at the <.~author.Contente> page.
  • The offer#0xffc Sponsored Space at the <.~Contente.tag> homepage.

Currently, all are priced the same, namely 0.06 $XLM/hr..
The mainnet version (--production-version, v0.1.0)of $BYME

Payment flows

Acquiring $BYME from a decentralized issuing authority.

Redeeming $BYME for offer#0xffX series goods.

Holding of $BYME for rewards (annual) redemption.

Charitable philanthropies or donations.


The Company shall be the sole issuer of the $BYME "SoV" and at all times be armed to buyback all outstanding demat entities.

Private Sale

The entire suite of ownership percentages was auctiones at a pre-proposed provate sale, held during the IBC 2018 that commemorated at Goa, Asia.

Ownership and Liability

The Company is 100% owned by the cummulative 100% of the stakeholders, whether institutionalized or individuals on account of bearing ownership of cryptographically verifiable $BYME units.
However. it is vital to note hat even though there is no singular iwner that can be classified a overt legal entity, there shall ever only be a single managing director of the Company, amd none after their prospective ex[iration.

Director's cut

The managing (founder) director is entitled to a recurring salary of 1.1101% in pre-sales revenue. Any employee's to the company shall be paid for by the MD to the Company, inclusive of server, handling, broadband, bandwidth, janitorials, etc.
They also reserve the right to declare bankruptcy; ofcourse, that's not happening.

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